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Certified Organic

Enlivening our community with exceptional, nourishing produce for over 30 years.

Healthy Soil,

Healthy Community

We believe that nourishing the soil in our 6+ acre market garden is the most important thing we can do to support the land, and by extension, our community. Healthy soil creates healthy plants and nutritious, delicious food. What was once a logged-over, acidic forest high up on a mountain has been transformed into verdant farmland through the addition of hundreds of tons of organic matter. In the last several years we have been transitioning to a minimal till system to foster a greater biodiversity of soil microorganisms, as well as to reduce erosion and carbon emissions. We grow cover crops and apply mulch to preserve the soil and to conserve our limited water supply. We also have unheated hoop houses and a high tunnel that allow us to extend the season of our offerings.


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Our Mission

Killarney Farm is dedicated to bringing our community together through the cultivation of healthy, organic produce and stewardship of our planet.

About Us
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